We work with businesses and organizations at every stage on the branding journey. Whether just starting out, rebranding, or with certain projects. Below is information about the whole process broken into steps.


Brand Strategy Process

At Stance Creative, we work with companies who are in their infancies or evolving. We work with businesses and organizations of all sizes to define their purpose, understand their customers, figure out their voice, and compose their goals.

Positioning is a marketing strategy that defines what a brand is, its attributes and its competitive assets. Brand positioning develops an emotional connection with your customers.

User persona exploration is the process we use to determine your current or ideal customer, in short, your target demographics. Much like UX design (user experience) for websites, we take a similar approach to "in real life" customers. We develop John and/or Jane Doe, and map out scenarios in which those users might interact with your brand to help us determine pain points and provide insights to user behaviors.

Brand attributes are tendencies that describe the innate elements of a brand. Attributes reveal the brand's functionality, character, and physical makeup through imagery, language, and actions. They are what allows customers to identify brands.

We also conduct a competitive audit by analyzing your brand's competitors. Allowing your brand to position itself and gain market share.