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Stance Creative Agency provides high quality aesthetically pleasing graphic design, web design, marketing materials, and creative direction for all types of businesses and individuals. From creation to completion Stance Creative Agency can help you tell your story and reach your target market in the most innovative way. You will have the opportunity to work with Madeline to help you create your unique vision.  



Hello, I'm Madeline,

I am a designer, creator, and lover of the outdoors and traveling.  I have been interested in design ever since I can remember.  My Grandfather was an amazing painter and taught me how to paint when I was a young child.  Around 4-5 years old I met and drew with someone who was a graphic designer before computers were everywhere and had been working as a designer since the late 40s.  He taught me handlettering.  Later with a very supportive family and teachers including Ms. Bruha I learned the basics of fine art and the computer skills I would need to become a Graphic Designer.  In college I earned a B.S. in Recreation Management with an emphasis in Marketing.


Designing has been a passion my whole life combined with my degree I am able to bring both art and analytics to the table.  I love working with people and helping their businesses succeed!  I would love to talk to you and see how I can help you!  Connect with me here!